petri-petra costume, 2024 

cow-boy prince-ss, 2023 

the ‘wedding’ dress, 2021-3 

the sailors jacket, 2022

The philosophy behind my work is to patch with scrap/found textiles, and the occasional sublimation printed creature. Not only is this an ecological choice, but I am motivated by the sentiment of working with material that has a story. Patchworking with these stories is an important method to me both materially and philosophically.
‘Re-membering’ histories through stitches.

My materials are collected over years; donated by fabric stories, gifted and sometimes found  - the polka-dot ruffle on the sailor’s jacket was found in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sometimes, I keep tiny fragments of textiles for years in my archive before using them in a project. My work is often about upcycling existing pieces; the ‘wedding dress’ was initially a 1980s gown found in a vintage store along the South African coast. These existing pieces can be clothes, like the wedding dress, but are sometimes constructed from non-clothing items - petri-petra started from a cot cover for a newly baptised baby.