Theory does not Save you 
Still of a reading at Dutch Art Institute Fundraiser. 2023 
Videographer: Bødvar Hole

Impossible Stories: Notes On Critical Fabulation in a Pluriversal World.
(A publication in response to a Symposium held at het Nieuwe Instituut). 2023

‘ This publication is an exercise along these lines,
a messy patchwork of contributions dealing with
issues of colonial history, climate stories and justice
through critical fabulation. It captures the work
of researchers and artists from the networks of
the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, the Gerrit
Rietveld Academie and Maastricht University. The
contributions deal in very different ways with issues
such as positionality, not forgetting and working
against erasure.’ Christian Ernstern & Erik Wong


        The Case for Velvet Rock in
         mnemotope 003. Bog Bodies Press. 2024

Splitting Mammalian Weeds: Monster for a Memory
(BA Thesis). 2023
Graphic Designer: Sonya Umanskaya