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“Fix no tethering, slip into this soup, find nothing central and just mention the overlap of our findings.” 

is a term proposed by Paul B. Preciado to examine the body as a political and cultural archive; keepin record. He proposes that the nature of the body is no longer ontological but overtaken by the biopolitical and the performative - how do you get in the grit of it? Interweave the observations of multi-species constellations Never forget? Re-member ourselves and our microbes? I like to utilise the performativity of it all to remember. ‘Somateque for a Microbial Mist’ is a performative work digging into the bone marrow of memory, of scientific findings, of the weed-like lives that grow from the cracks. Using symbols of:

patched livelihood/

- as a taxonomy for communion. This work mentions overlapping, patched findings on the backdrop of
trash-as-treasure patchworks and bodies draped in the spectacle of trash-as-treasure costumes. The performance
invites a nonsensical conversation to take place. Frankensteined from several books, authors that live in the folds of my
sleeve. Paul B. Preciado. Robin Wall-Kimmerer. Timothy Morton. And then my memories, of childhood, of what my Dad said.”

(As published in Impossible Stories: Notes on Critical Fabulation in a Pluriversal World, 2023)  

(2022) ‘Somateque for a Microbial Mist’ at Three Birds No Stone Exhibition,
Verheeskade 321, The Hague
Performers: Gabriel Filomena, Kelsey Corby, Shana de Villiers
Photographer: Helena Roig