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terra-miss-place is a collaborative, ecosystemic theatre webbed with fuckeries & digestions that oscillate between micro and macro scales. A place with both an infallible faith and utter distrust in language. Here we try to locate our place in and through relationality, the collective and individual gut and the tentacles of history, using the limitations and gashes of language as means to tell ouroborous stories that slip in and out of the personal. Stories of the sound of your intestine when love becomes a word and when theory finds a crack in your skull. Stories of working in a kitchen and peeling an orange. If eating is the sprout of being a critter; digestion is a North and South of consumption - a symbol of power, time and of who gets to speak with their mouth full. The gut is an analogy and node from which to - the North & South of the Mouth & the Anus is a circle and not a binary system. Much like the relations between the North & the South left in the wake of colonialism.

Critters interpenetrate one another, loop around and through one another, eat each other, get indigestion, and partially digest and partially assimilate one another, and thereby establish sympoietic arrangements that are otherwise known as cells, organisms and ecological assemblages.

Haraway, Donna.  Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene. 2016  (p58)

Being critters together is the groundsoil of terra-miss-place. Eating, digesting and pitting the peach of flexibly interpreted histories - past & present.

made in collaboration with Gabriel Filomena for the Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Performer: Shana Bernard de Villiers 
Photographer: Anton Czarczynski